First post! Woo!

Welcome to the blog portion of my website. First and foremost, thanks for stopping by (and potentially scrolling down far enough to see this first post). I’ve been studying Industrial Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for almost two semesters now, and I gotta say that I’m in love. I’m so glad to have found a discipline that allows for creative, yet practical, potential. It’s been a journey and it will continue to be one. For the rest of my life. Because that’s how it works. I mean, arguably, I could potentially not go into industrial design when I graduate, but I like to think that industrial design is more of a way of life rather than just an occupation. Really, I look at things now and see them how I never used to. For example, I can’t look at something that’s plastic and wonder if it was injection moulded and if so, where are its knock out pins? (Water bottle, you are blow moulded!) I also consider design elements, not just manufacturing processes.. Anyway..

In the past school year, I’ve learned what I love and what I don’t love (mostly I love everything, but hate bondo). I’m looking forward to really pushing boundaries in the upcoming semesters. There’s so much time, but so little time, to make things happen. The only way I can put into words how I feel is perhaps not a real word. I feel “jkafdl;gfjdkla;gjoiervdfk;gm” about all of it. I’m nervous, excited, and hyped up on the potential of the future. The first thing on my list to do is clean this baby up (the website. I don’t have a baby.). And then:

1. Become the kung fu master of Solidworks.
2. Revamp my portfolio.
4. HAVE FUN. ALL OF THE TIME. (This one should be part of every thing I do.)


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Microorganisms: “Microscopic Life: The World of the Invisible” 1958 Encyclopaedia Britannica Films

All this beautiful life we never see,

The Other Shore - manifest 1, by J.D Doria, 2013

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The Other Shore - manifest 1, by J.D Doria, 2013


When there’s too much shit you need to get done at once